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atem -- metastock reverse

atem converts metastock financial data to CSV text, fast and reliable.

Download source and binary releases:

RPM Packages for Linux distros (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, Fedora, openSUSE, SLE):

The project homepage, bugtracker, git repo:

Why use atem?

 - Very portable, should work on any system.
 - Works for many metastock flavors (Equis, Norgate,,, etc.)
 - It's fast, factor 15-20 compared with the well known "ms2asc".
 - Support of EMaster files. Most other tools are just ignoring them which
   may results in wrong dates and loss of symbol descriptions.
 - Simple but powerful command line interface.
 - BSD open source license.

Similar other tools

 - ms2asc by Mohammed Illyas Mansoor
 - ms2txt by Jacek 'Mech' Woźniak


Building from source requires a C++ compiler, like gcc/g++, clang/clang++
or icc/icpc. On Windows you could use cygwin or mingw.

Build from tar tarball works as usually:

 make install

When building from git checkout you also need autoconf and gengetopt and don't
forget to type "autoreconf -vfi" first.


By default atem reads metastock data from the current or given directory and
writes complete time series to stdout. Comma separated like this

$ atem -F, /path/to/msdata

See "atem --help" for more options, how to format the output and select the right
colums, etc. You'll also find some example data in the test directory.


  If you have questions, bug reports, patches etc., contact
  Ruediger Meier <> (in English or German).