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command line tool to convert MetaStock to csv

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atem -- metastock reverse

atem converts metastock binary data to ASCII text. It was written due to the
lack of a fast and reliable tool.
The most useful tool so far was ms2asc by Mohammed Illyas Mansoor but there are
several bugs and issues which can't be fixed because Mohammed seems to be
unreachable and unfortunately he'd never released the source code.

The project homepage (bugtracker, latest git repo) is hosted on github
Released source tarballs and static binaries download here
Binary rpms for various Linux distros here

Reasons to use atem

 - It's fast, factor 15-20 compared with ms2asc.
 - Full support of EMaster files. Most other tools are just ignoring them which
   may results in wrong dates and loss of symbol descriptions.
 - Correct handling case sensitivity of file names.
 - Simple but powerful command line interface.
 - BSD open source license.
 - Support for both big and little endian systems.


Building from source requires a C++ compiler (tested with icc/icpc and gcc/g++).
Windows has been successfully tested using cygwin and mingw.

When building from git checkout you need the autotools and gengetopt and don't
forget to type "autoreconf -vfi" first.

 make install


By default atem reads metastock data from current directory and writes complete
time series to stdout, see
 atem --help
You'll find some sample data in the test directory.

Known issues / TODO (feedback is welcome)

 - So far atem has been extensively tested on x86_64 Linux only. There might be
   problems on other architectures because of the optimized to_string functions.
   In this case try './configure --disable-fast-printing'.

Contact Information

  If you have questions, bug reports, patches etc., contact
  Ruediger Meier <> (in English or German).
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