Free Pascal / Lazarus Hardware Abstraction Layer for Raspberry Pi Boards
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Free Pascal Hardware abstraction library for the Raspberry Pi
This Unit, with more than 7500 Lines of Code,
delivers procedures and functions to access the rpi HW

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • GPIO (input, output, SW-PWM, HW-PWM, timer, frequency output)
  • Bitbang functions for Powerswitches (ELRO, Intertechno, Sartano, Nexa)
  • Morse functions
  • Rotational Encoders implemented with Threads (e.g. Keyes KY-040 Rotary Encoder)
  • Servo functions
  • PID Algorithmus
  • functions to access PiFace Board
  • Bidirectional serial device access in User space /dev/yourdevice
  • USB Reset and Access
  • Maintain INI-Files for parameter management
  • RPI HAT access
  • Thread Management
  • Timing functions (e.g. SetTimeOut, TimeElapsed)
  • StringManipulation (e.g. Select_Item for handling .csv files)
  • call external OS program and receive answer with multiple lines (e.g. directory list)
  • extensive Logging functions
  • CURL wrapper
  • SW Maintenance-/Service-functions:
    Upload Logfiles to FTP-Server
    Download new SW from FTP-Server
    Install new SW on rpi
  • many examples, how to use the rpi_hal

!! Since V4.5 new startup strategy, rpi_hal will not bring up HW automatically.
!! pls. start rpi_hal with e.g. RPI_HW_Start for all components in your main program,
!! or use explicit flags: RPI_HW_Start([InitHaltOnError,InitGPIO,InitI2C,InitSPI])

Discussion forum:,20991.75.html

Just an excerpt of the available functions and procedures:

GPIO Functions:

  • procedure gpio_set_pin (pin:longword;highlevel:boolean); // Set RPi GPIO pin to high or low level
  • function gpio_get_PIN (pin:longword):boolean; // Get RPi GPIO pin Level is true when Pin level is '1'; false when '0'
  • procedure gpio_set_input (pin:longword); // Set RPi GPIO pin to input direction
  • procedure gpio_set_output(pin:longword); // Set RPi GPIO pin to output direction
  • procedure gpio_set_alt (pin,altfunc:longword); // Set RPi GPIO pin to alternate function nr. 0..5
  • procedure gpio_set_gppud (mask:longword); // set RPi GPIO Pull-up/down Register (GPPUD) with mask

General Functions:

  • function rpi_snr:string; // delivers SNR: 0000000012345678
  • function rpi_hw:string; // delivers Processor Type: BCM2708, BCM2709 or BCM2835

I2C Functions:

  • function i2c_bus_write(baseadr,reg:word; var data:databuf_t; lgt:byte; testnr:integer) : integer;
  • function i2c_bus_read (baseadr,reg:word; var data:databuf_t; lgt:byte; testnr:integer) : integer;
  • function i2c_string_read(baseadr,reg:word; var data:databuf_t; lgt:byte; testnr:integer) : string;
  • function i2c_string_write(baseadr,reg:word; s:string; testnr:integer) : integer;

SPI Functions:

  • procedure SPI_Write(devnum:byte; reg,data:word);
  • function SPI_Read(devnum:byte; reg:word) : byte;
  • procedure SPI_BurstRead2Buffer (devnum,start_reg:byte; xferlen:longword);
  • procedure SPI_BurstWriteBuffer (devnum,start_reg:byte; xferlen:longword);