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This is the official Haskell driver for Factual's API:

Haskell Driver Documentation

--Getting Started
--Debugging and Support
+Querying Factual Data
--Query Filters
--Field Selection
--Row Filters
--Geo Filters
--[Paging: Limit and Offset](https://github.com/rudyl313/factual-haskell-driver/wiki/Paging
--Working with Query Results
+Other APIs
--Crosswalk API
--Match API and Resolve API
--Monetize API
-Supporting Calls & Services
--Facets Call
--Schema Call
+Using Specific Datasets
--World Geographies
+Writing to Factual
--Flag an Entity
--Clear an Attribute
+Other Items & Miscellany
--Raw Requests
--Multi Queries

HTTP API Documentation:

  • Read: Search the data
  • Match: Get Factual IDs for your entities
  • Resolve: Enrich your data and match it against Factual's
  • Schema: Get table and field metadata
  • Crosswalk: Get third-party URLs for Factual entities
  • Facets: Group and count entities by value
  • Multi: Make multiple queries in a single call
  • Geopulse: Low-latency geographic data for contextual geotargeting
  • Geocode: Convert lat/lon coordinate pairs to addresses with reverse geocoding
  • Monetize: Third-party offers and deals snapped to Factual Places
  • Submit: Submit edits and new entities to Factual
  • Insert: Insert edits and new entities to Factual (without searching for duplicate rows first)
  • Flag: Flag an entity for editorial attention
  • Diffs: Keep local data implementations up-to-date with a feed of data deltas