A collection of command line tools to extend the shell environment.
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evenmoreutils - a collection of command line tools

This is evenmoreutils, a collection of command line tools inspired by moreutils. Both complement the standard *NIX toolset (ls, grep, less etc). The name is a reference to the GNU coreutils. The tools are:

  • age: prints file age in seconds / checks if older/newer than seconds
  • anywait: like wait, but works on any process in the system
  • ched: cached run of a command
  • fit: truncates a stream by fitting it into a certain width
  • hilite: runs a command, highlight stderr
  • hl: highlight some expressions on a stream
  • mime: prints the mimetype of a file (alias for file -bi)
  • nup: n-up an output from a program
  • p: runs parallel processes tagging or highlighting their output
  • pad: pads a stream with whitespaces to fit a certain width
  • randpar: output a random parameter
  • repeat: repeats a command, indefinitely or n times
  • untl: runs a program until it is sucessful
  • whle: runs a program until it fails
  • sgetopt: an easier-to-use version of the getopt library
  • easy-getopt: an easier-to-use version of the getopt command line tool

They are currently experimental tools. There are some known bugs (check the manpages of each command for details). Code is quick-and-dirty on several of them. Patches are welcome :-)


Check INSTALL for detailed instructions and different installation options.

Crash course for installing from source:

wget https://github.com/rudymatela/evenmoreutils/releases/download/vx.y.z/evenmoreutils-x.y.z.tar.gz
tar -xzvf /evenmoreutils-x.y.z.tar.gz
cd evenmoreutils-x.y.z
make && make install


This is Free Software, licensed under the GPLv2 unless stated otherwise in specific files.