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AVR(Arduino) Platform for Xcode

This is my attempt at seeing if I can get a platform built to allow development of Arduino code within Xcode. It's compiling & linking so far but it's unfinished and doesn't do the hex command yet. Currently it includes a static library for atmega328p that is the core code, I'm not sure if it's best to just build these or figure out a way to build it on demand.


  • Update & include Xcode project template to use proper platform settings
  • Properly label object file types elf (probably not necessary, OCD)
  • Add phase to handle doing the ihex stuff in target template
  • Figure why SDK shows as Unknown OS
  • LINKER: Linker is still a mess/hack, compiler feeds flags currently
  • Include the standard libraries (and support linking)
  • Include AVR toolchain in SDK (maybe in an Installer)
  • Have an upload target or phase?
  • Support .pde files
  • Support dynamic compiling of core library (currently only atmega328p)


  • Xcode 3 (tested on 3.2, might not work with earlier or Xcode DP)
  • 64-bit machine (or build your own gcc toolchain, I'll eventually include both 32 & 64)
  • atmega328p until I figure out how best I want to handle the core source


  • Click downloads and download the pkg installer
  • Run the installer, installs:
    • AVR.platform to /Developer/Platforms
    • AVRCompilerPlugin.xcplugin to /Developer/Library/Xcode/Plug-ins


  • It's messy, not sure how to do proper linker class yet, methods aren't being called
  • Projects using libraries will have to include library sources in their project
  • Uploading: Edit the Upload target's build settings to make sure you use the proper settings for your board
  • Only has atmega328p support since I statically compiled the core source files