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@@ -9,3 +9,16 @@ emacs-codepad provides an Emacs integration for Codepad. Currently you can use i
Contributors are welcome!
codepad.el is based on gist.el ( which was written by Christian Neukirchen and others. codepad.el is written by Rüdiger Sonderfeld. You can contact me via E-Mail:
+== Installation ==
+Installation is straight forward:
+Add the following lines to your ~/.emacs
+ (add-to-list 'load-path "PATH") ;; replace PATH with the path to codepad.el
+ (autoload 'codepad-paste-region "codepad" "paste region to" t)
+ (autoload 'codepad-paste-buffer "codepad" "paste buffer to" t)
+Restart Emacs (or evaluate those lines) and you can use codepad.el by calling M-x codepad-paste-region to paste the current selected region or M-x codepad-paste-buffer to paste the current selected buffer.
+You can configure codepad.el by calling M-x customize-group codepad

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