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1 parent d7d6c2f commit d5d1c7c211c440566258a319fe7dbe64709d69d1 @ruediger committed Nov 30, 2009
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@@ -117,8 +117,7 @@ Uses PROMPT as prompt and DEFAULT is the default value."
((string= val "") default)
((member val '("t" "y" "true" "yes")) t)
((member val '("nil" "f" "n" "false" "no")) nil)
- (t (message (concat "Wrong input '" val
- "'! Please enter either Yes or No"))
+ (t (message "Wrong input '%s'! Please enter either Yes or No" val)
(codepad-read-p prompt default)))))
(defun codepad-interactive-option (var prompt)

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