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LibBERT is a BERT (Binary ERlang Term) library for C++ and C.

BERT is a format for encoding binary data. You can think of it as JSON for binary formats. BERT is based on Erlang’s External Format.

bert.h is the C API (you need to link -lbert_capi!). bert.hpp is the C++ API (header only).


This library is written by Rüdiger Sonderfeld <>. Some basic stuff (CMake setup etc.) is copied from the Flusspferd project (

Thanks to Nikolas Bowe for his contributions.

The library is licensed under the beerzlib license. The beerzlib license is a modified zlib license. It contains an additional clause that encourages users to send beer (or other beverages or gifts) to the developers. See the file license for the full text of the license.

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