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Rename magit-display-log* commands to magit-log.

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1 parent b60cb2b commit fae37b8795894de56c35edb8f3338e07c8ffcb99 @asn-the-goblin-slayer asn-the-goblin-slayer committed with Yann Hodique May 24, 2011
Showing with 8 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 magit-key-mode.el
  2. +6 −4 magit.el
@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
(man-page "git-log")
- ("l" "Short" magit-display-log)
+ ("l" "Short" magit-log)
("L" "Long" magit-log-long)
("h" "Reflog" magit-reflog)
- ("rl" "Ranged short" magit-display-log-ranged)
+ ("rl" "Ranged short" magit-log-ranged)
("rL" "Ranged long" magit-log-long-ranged)
("rh" "Ranged reflog" magit-reflog-ranged))
@@ -2063,7 +2063,7 @@ function can be enriched by magit extension like magit-topgit and magit-svn"
["Diff working tree" magit-diff-working-tree t]
["Diff" magit-diff t]
- ["Short Log" magit-display-log t]
+ ["Short Log" magit-log t]
["Long Log" magit-log-long t]
["Reflog" magit-reflog t]
["Extended..." magit-key-mode-popup-logging t])
@@ -4362,11 +4362,12 @@ With a non numeric prefix ARG, show all entries"
(defvar magit-log-grep-buffer-name "*magit-grep-log*"
"Buffer name for display of log grep results.")
-(magit-define-command display-log-ranged ()
+(magit-define-command log-ranged ()
- (magit-display-log t))
+ (magit-log t))
+(define-obsolete-function-alias 'magit-display-log-ranged 'magit-log-ranged)
-(magit-define-command display-log (&optional ask-for-range &rest extra-args)
+(magit-define-command log (&optional ask-for-range &rest extra-args)
(let* ((log-range (if ask-for-range
(magit-read-rev-range "Log" "HEAD")
@@ -4379,6 +4380,7 @@ With a non numeric prefix ARG, show all entries"
(magit-mode-init topdir 'log #'magit-refresh-log-buffer log-range
"--pretty=oneline" args)
(magit-log-mode t)))
+(define-obsolete-function-alias 'magit-display-log 'magit-log)
(magit-define-command log-long-ranged ()

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