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systemtap-mode — A mode for SystemTap

systemtap-mode is a mode for SystemTap. It allows writing and executing SystemStap scripts.

It is forked from Tomoki Sekiyama’s initial systemtap-mode implementation. The implementation is based on cc-mode.


Systemtap-mode can be installed via el-get or package.el using Marmalade (releases) or MELPA (snapshots).

You can install it manually by copying the file systemtap-mode.el to a directory in your load-path. You can use update-file-autoloads to create the proper autoloads from the file or simply add

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.stp\\'" . systemtap-mode))
(autoload 'systemtap-mode "systemtap-mode.el")

to your init.el.


After installation the mode should be automatically started for files with .stp suffix. You can run the script with C-c e and interrupt it with C-c c.

To Do

Indent embedded-C %{ ... %} correctly

Support documentation/autocomplete (stap -L)