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This example is based on the example from:
<title>Simple Websocket A-Frame Example</title>
<!-- This is -->
<script src="./aframe.min.js"></script>
<div id="left_part" style="float:left; width:50%">
<div id="howto">
<div id="howto_header">
<div id="howto_body">
For this example, you need a running broker with a WebSocket STOMP transport and an appropriate message/event generator.
Since bowerick version 2.1.0, the bowerick standalone broker includes an appropriate message/event generator.
Below is an example for starting bowerick broker instance, which includes a message/event generator:
java -jar bowerick-2.2.2-standalone.jar -A
With this command, the broker will use a pre-defined default and open a WebSocket STOMP transport on localhost ( on port 1864.
If you want to connect to the broker from another computer/device you can start the examples as follows:
java -jar bowerick-2.2.2-standalone.jar -A \
-u "[\"ws://\"]"
Once the broker is started, you connect to it by pressing the &quot;Connect&quot; button on this page.
<div id="connection_settings">
<div id="connection_settings_header">
<h2>Connection Settings</h2>
<div id="connection_settings_body">
<p>Broker URL <input name=broker_url id="broker_url" value="ws://" type="text"></p>
<p>Topic Name <input name=topic_name id="topic_name" value="/topic/aframe" type="text"></p>
<p><button type="button" id="connect_button">Connect</button></p>
<div id="right_part" style="float:right; width:50%">
<div id="aframe_part">
<div id="aframe_header">
<h2>A-Frame Visualization</h2>
<div id="aframe-body" style="height: 400px; width: 400px;">
<a-scene embedded>
<a-entity position="0 -1 4">
<a-entity light="type:point; castShadow:true;" position="3 8 4"></a-entity>
<a-plane position="0 -1.6 0" rotation="-90 0 0" width="6" height="6" color="#7BC8A4" shadow></a-plane>
<a-sky color="#ECECEC"></a-sky>
<div id="logging">
<div id="logging_header">
<div id="logging_body">
<pre id="log_messages"></pre>
<!-- This is "" -->
<script src="./jquery.min.js"></script>
<!-- This is "" -->
<script src="./stomp.js"></script>
var sphere;
$(document).ready(function() {
sphere = document.createElement("a-sphere");
sphere.setAttribute("radius", 0.5);
sphere.setAttribute("position", "0 0 0");
sphere.setAttribute("color", "#EF2D5E");
sphere.setAttribute("shadow", "");
document.getElementById("connect_button").onclick = function() {
if(window.WebSocket) {
var broker_url = $("#broker_url").val();
var topic_name = $("#topic_name").val();
var client = Stomp.client(broker_url);
client.log = function (log_message) {
$("#log_messages").append(log_message + "\n");
client.log("Connecting to: " + broker_url);
client.connect("", "", function(frame) {
client.log("Connection established.");
client.log("Subscribing to: " + topic_name);
client.subscribe(topic_name, function(message) {
var coordinates = JSON.parse(message.body);
var newPosition = AFRAME.utils.coordinates.stringify(coordinates);
sphere.setAttribute("position", newPosition);
} else {
alert("Error: WebSockets not supported!");
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