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s4ndm4n Dark Theme for LaTeX beamer

beamer-s4ndm4n is a dark theme to be used with LaTeX beamer for your presentation slides. Since it uses fontspec, it requires either XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. Beside the title page – being very plain and using the standard metadata such as title, subtitle, author, institute and date – the frames have a footline, which is divided into five boxes with different shades of gray. They contain the author's name, the presentation's title, the date, the current page number and the total page number.


  • Copy the sty file and the gfx directory to the directory of you current LaTeX beamer project.
  • Add \usepackage{beamer-s4ndm4n} to your tex file with document class beamer.
  • Use block elements to structure your content within the frames.
  • There is an example slide deck beamer-s4ndm4n-example.tex. Get inspired by it.

Preview of example slide deck using beamer-s4ndm4n


  • Change the background picture in the sty file.
  • There is an accent color defined, which controls all accent color shades. Change it in the sty file.