Supporting code for work on privacy in weighted voting
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This repository contains code for the following post series on degree of privacy and weighted voting:

  1. Degree of privacy in voting
  2. A privacy attack on weighted voting
  3. Degree of privacy for weighted voting

The following is included, under the src/main directory:

  • Latte Integrale h-representation definitions for election polytopes. The attacks.hrep.latte contains the attacks described in post #2.
  • Shell script to invoke Latte for counting in and integrating (ehrhart polynomials) over election polytopes. Used in post #2.
  • Polymake perl scripts to define and list lattice points in the feasible region of election polytopes. Used in post #3.
  • Scala code for the degree of privacy and probability calculations in post #3, using lattice point listings generated by polymake and ppl as input.
  • Cplex LP integer program definitions for election polytopes. Can be used as an alternative to polymake.

A further post is here describing a simple crypto scheme offering ballot privacy for weighted voting, using a mixnet.