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Code and analysis for CIKM '17 short paper "An Empirical Analysis of Pruning Techniques"
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Retrievability Experiments for Pruned Indexes

A series of analyses over the retrievability of pruned/optimized indexes is made available in this repository. For further information regarding the scope of this research and the experimental design, consult this paper:

 author = {Chen, Ruey-Cheng and Azzopardi, Leif and Scholer, Falk},
 title = {An Empirical Analysis of Pruning Techniques: Performance, Retrievability and Bias},
 booktitle = {Proceedings of {CIKM} '17},
 year = {2017},
 pages = {2023--2026},
 publisher = {ACM}

Get Started

Initialize submodules after cloning this repo:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Build the toolchain (replace /path/to/boost with actual path to Boost installation):

make BOOST_PREFIX=/path/to/boost -C tools


Data and code are available in the following directories:

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