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Automated access to World Bank data and conversion to data packages.
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Automated access to World Bank data and conversion to data packages.

World Development Indicators

World Bank World Development Indicators like:

We have a script to automate access and data extraction for these.

  1. Downloading the metadata data
  2. Extracting metadata and data
  3. Converting to a Data Package

The script is python based and uses python 3.0. It has no dependencies outside of the standard library. Try it:

python scripts/

# download and extract this indicator
python scripts/

Research: The World Bank data API

You can get data in CSV, JSON and XML (default).

Per indicator:

# for some reason json format just yields metadata

More elaborate queries via;XF;XM/indicators/EN.ATM.CO2E.PC?date=1961:2011&format=csv;XF;XM/indicators/EN.ATM.CO2E.PC?date=1961:2011&format=json

Motivation: User Stories

As a Data Wrangler I want to convert a world bank indicator into a tabular data package automatically.

  • And keep it up to date ...

As a Data Wrangler I want to get existing world bank indicator as if it were a data package

  • use data get
  • use data info (?)
  • use data cat
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