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Alpino in Docker

Runing Alpino inside Docker.

About Alpino:


If you are using Docker for Windows you need alpino.cmd. In the examples below substitute alpino.cmd for alpino.bash.

If you are using Docker Toolbox you need alpino.bash.

Linux, Mac

You need alpino.bash.


If you have been using an older version of alpino.bash, you may need to update the Docker image:

alpino.bash -u

Starting Alpino in Docker

There are two ways of starting Alpino in Docker.

1— This brings you into a bash shell inside Docker, where you can run Alpino itself:

alpino.bash $HOME/alpino

Inside the shell, there is a virtual directory ~/data that corresponds to the real directory you gave as an argument to the script, in this case $HOME/alpino. You use it to save and access data on your regular file system.

2— You can also run a single command, without going to the shell first:

alpino.bash $HOME/alpino Alpino

In this case, there is no directory ~/data in Docker, but there is /work/data with the same purpose.

Examples of running Alpino inside Docker

Inside Docker, you can run Alpino interactively, or as a command line tool.

Interactive use

If you have access to an X11 server, then this starts the Alpino GUI:


This starts and interactive version of Alpino without the GUI:

Alpino -notk

Use as a command line tool

This tokenizes and parses the text from ~/voorbeelden/weerbericht.txt and saves the results in the directory ~/data/xml:

cd ~/data
mkdir xml
partok ~/voorbeelden/weerbericht.txt | Alpino -flag treebank xml debug=1 end_hook=xml user_max=900000 -parse

If you have access to an X11 server, you can view the generated trees:

dtview xml/*.xml

... or edit the trees:

dttred xml/*.xml


Alpino in Docker






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