Simplifies following and interacting with remote users on other Mastodon instances.
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Mastodon – Simplified Federation!

Mozilla Add-on version
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Simplifies following or interacting with other users on remote Mastodon instances in the Fediverse. Basically, it skips the "Enter your Mastodon handle" popup and takes you directly to your own "home" instance, saving you from cumbrously entering your Mastodon handle again and again in that input box when you click on a "Follow", "Retoot"/"Fav" or other remote interaction button on another instance. 😄

Idea by @akkes.


Get it for Firefox!

In action…

GIF demo showing how I click on a reply button and directly get to the toot site and how I click on follow and directly get to the page, where I can click "Follow"


You may wonder why to use this browser add-on. But actually, it's easy!

You do not need to enter your Mastodon account handle anymore! (except for login 😉) This makes interacting with remote instances much simpler.

Additionally, this add-on makes sure to keep your Mastodon handle private. It will never expose it to any third-party site. Therefore it does not – literally – enter your Mastodon ID into the input field you normally see, but basically "skips" this page. For the technical details, on how this works, see How does it work? below.

How does it work?

  1. It intercepts any remote interaction popup/request.
  2. It tries to get the toot/account you want to interact with from the "Enter your Mastodon ID" popup.
  3. for remote follows: It get's the account to follow from the URL.
  4. for toot interactions:
    1. It gets the local toot ID from the URL.
    2. It sends an additional web request to the remote server to get the remote toot ID.
  5. Afterwards it redirects you to the "remote_follow"/"remote_interaction" endpoint of your own Mastodon instance directly, thus skipping entering the Mastodon handle in that "foreign" page.

Due to the fact that it does not block loading of the "Enter your Mastodon ID" popup, it may – especially in the case of "toot interactions" – happen, that the "Enter your Mastodon ID" popup is shown anyway for some seconds. After some time, it should be redirected though. If it really fails, this behavior ensures you still have a fallback to be able to manually enter your Mastodon handle.