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Winstat lecture notes

Ways to run python.

  1. Install a python distribution to your laptop. I recommend Anaconda with Python 3. Pros: Do not need the internet to run code. More control over how the distribution is set up. Cons: You are responsible for getting the install and packages to work.

  2. Use Winstat, a server run by the social science computing coop. Pros: Professionals keep things running smoothly. Cons: Need the internet to use Winstat. Have less control over how the distribution is set up. (Extra pros: Winstat has other useful software besides python, MATLAB, Dynare, STATA,...)

We will use Winstat in class. This way we do not have to worry about some idiosyncratic program already installed on your laptop causing problems with installation, and we have a dedicated help desk to talk with if things go wrong.

Installing winstat

  1. Go to link from webpage []. Install citrix and run configuration file.

  2. Open winstat. User name is same as UW account. Reset password at: []

Things to keep in mind

  1. Difference between local drives and winstat drives.

  2. Two winstat drives are (U:) which is your private drive and (X:) which has the Econ690 folder. Any file not saved in your (U:) drive will be deleted when you log out of winstat.

  3. The Econ690 folder is where I store the files we will use in class. You cannot write to the Econ690 folder. I will let you know which files we need, and you can a copy of the files to your (X:) at the beginning of class.

  4. Sign out (rather than disconnect) when you are finished. If you disconnect, your session remains running (wasting resources) until it is automatically stopped after three hours. Trying to login with a previously running session can sometimes cause problems.

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