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Ruhoh is the Universal Static Blog API

Usage and quick start information at

Running the Latest Version

All official releases are pushed out to which can be used with bundler via Gemfile entry:

gem 'ruhoh'

The master branch will refer to the next version and can be used in the Gemfile:

gem 'ruhoh', :git => ""


ruhoh has official support for ruby 1.9.2, 1.9.3, ruby 2.0.0 ruhoh runs in production with ruby 1.9.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS.

ruby 1.8.7 is not supported.


ruhoh should run on Windows with a few considerations:

If you run into trouble with YAML and psych see: #54 More help is available here:

I can't easily test ruhoh on a Windows machine, so please consider contributing back to the community for running on Windows.


I enjoy getting better at managing contributions so all skill levels are welcome.

Tips to ensure your work has the best chance of getting merged in:

  • Feel free to ask for guidance at any time via issues, twitter, or the google group.
  • Code quality does matter, but I'd rather encourage collaboration to make the code better than to scare you away from trying.
  • Always work in a feature branch and periodically rebase this branch with master to keep in sync.
  • Ensure any kind of indent or whitespace formatting is done in a separate commit first.
  • The feature branch should be single-purpose and not include wide-reaching changes because it will be too hard to verify your changes.
  • Do not do any version bumping. Bonus points if you are familiar with semver and add features in a backwards compatible manner.
  • Working on major release updates is 100% encouraged, but best to start a dialogue first since it will take time to merge in.
  • Super Bonus points for adding cucumber tests for your feature or fix.


We use Cucumber for integration tests. Please have a look at to see how to quickly write out tests. It should be quite fast to make new tests if you take advantage of the current step_defs.

Reporting Issues

Please use GitHub's issue tracker to report all issues and bugs.

If you are familiar enough with cucumber, it's best to include a failing test.feature file that sets up your situation and shows how the expected behavior is failing. In this way the bug can instantly be verified, a fix can be put in and a regression test will already exist =)