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Whilst the built-in page creator (called via posts new) is likely sufficient for standard blog entries, it could be a great helper for some special post types, like photo publishing. E. g. when I publish the photo to my blog, I really want to run smth like posts new_image ~/Images/Vacation/123456.jpg 'Crocodile eats my leg' and yield the scaffolded markdown with link to image, an alternate text etc. Plus I want the original file to be resized to, say, 500px wide, watermarked, blackjacked and whored (and put to /media folder within all the thumbnails).

Or I may want to run posts publish_new to minimize FTP/SCP traffic.

To accomplish the task I have an amount of plugins, extending base ruhoh posts functionality, written. Now the problem is that the infrastructure is not ready to load those plugins within ruhoh executable. The patch below is to support plugins, having monkeypatched Ruhoh::Resources::Pages::Client with Help_WHATEVER const defined as well as respective methods.

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Sorry I haven't commented on this. Thank you for sharing your customizations! I will have to study your work to understand the problem better and we can try to implement it into core or at least make a nice official plugin for it!

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