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punct(OP_ARROW, "->")
punct(OP_A_ADD, "+=")
punct(OP_A_AND, "&=")
punct(OP_A_DIV, "/=")
punct(OP_A_MOD, "%=")
punct(OP_A_MUL, "*=")
punct(OP_A_OR, "|=")
punct(OP_A_SAL, "<<=")
punct(OP_A_SAR, ">>=")
punct(OP_A_SUB, "-=")
punct(OP_A_XOR, "^=")
punct(OP_DEC, "--")
punct(OP_EQ, "==")
punct(OP_GE, ">=")
punct(OP_INC, "++")
punct(OP_LE, "<=")
punct(OP_LOGAND, "&&")
punct(OP_LOGOR, "||")
punct(OP_NE, "!=")
punct(OP_SAL, "<<")
punct(OP_SAR, ">>")
keyword(KAUTO, "auto", true)
keyword(KBREAK, "break", false)
keyword(KCASE, "case", false)
keyword(KCHAR, "char", true)
keyword(KCONST, "const", true)
keyword(KCONTINUE, "continue", false)
keyword(KDEFAULT, "default", false)
keyword(KDO, "do", false)
keyword(KDOUBLE, "double", true)
keyword(KELSE, "else", false)
keyword(KENUM, "enum", true)
keyword(KEXTERN, "extern", true)
keyword(KFLOAT, "float", true)
keyword(KFOR, "for", false)
keyword(KGOTO, "goto", false)
keyword(KIF, "if", false)
keyword(KINLINE, "inline", true)
keyword(KINT, "int", true)
keyword(KLONG, "long", true)
keyword(KREGISTER, "register", true)
keyword(KRESTRICT, "restrict", true)
keyword(KRETURN, "return", false)
keyword(KSHORT, "short", true)
keyword(KSIGNED, "signed", true)
keyword(K__SIGNED__, "__signed__", true)
keyword(KSIZEOF, "sizeof", false)
keyword(KALIGNOF, "_Alignof", false)
keyword(K__ALIGNOF__, "__alignof__", false)
keyword(KSTATIC, "static", true)
keyword(KSTRUCT, "struct", true)
keyword(KSWITCH, "switch", false)
keyword(KTYPEDEF, "typedef", true)
keyword(KUNION, "union", true)
keyword(KUNSIGNED, "unsigned", true)
keyword(KVOID, "void", true)
keyword(KVOLATILE, "volatile", true)
keyword(KWHILE, "while", false)
keyword(KBOOL, "_Bool", true)
keyword(KCOMPLEX, "_Complex", true)
keyword(KIMAGINARY, "_Imaginary", true)
keyword(KTHREEDOTS, "...", false)
keyword(KGENERIC, "_Generic", false)
keyword(KTYPEOF, "typeof", true)
keyword(K__TYPEOF__, "__typeof__", true)
keyword(KSTATIC_ASSERT, "_Static_assert", false)
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