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This is an implementation of Lisp in less than 1k lines of C. This language can
do only basic things, yet is powerful enough to run some non-trivial programs. The
implementation should be interesting to those who want to see how lexical
scoping, macro system, and copying GC can be implemented in C. The code is
heavily commented to help the reader understand how it works.
One day I wanted to see what I can do with 1k lines of C and
decided to write a Lisp interpreter. That turned to be a
fun weekend project, and the outcome is a mini lisp implementation
that supports

- integers, symbols, cons cells,
- global variables,
- lexically-scoped local variables,
- closures,
- _if_ conditional,
- primitive functions, such as +, =, <, or _list_,
- user-defined functions,
- a macro system,
- and a copying garbage collector.

All those in 1000 lines of C. I didn't sacrifice readability for size.
The code is in my opinion heavily commented to help the reader understand
how all these features work.


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