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A collection of guidelines, use cases and experiments with the Yubikey
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Yubikey Handbook

Featured on the 3rd-Party Labs (3PL) - YubiKey Innovations and Inspirations compilation.

Yubikey is an hardware device manufactured by Yubico that provides several forms of strong authentication and encryption. It has many use cases and interesting applications.

The Yubikey Handbook is an attempt of exploring those use cases and is intended to be a living document. It is focused on the Yubikey 4/Yubikey 4 Nano. With some adaptations, parts of this document will also apply to the Yubikey NEO.

Source: Yubico

This book is available online for free and is downloadable in PDF, ePUB or Mobi/Kindle formats.


Local editing

If you would like to checkout a local copy of gitbook to test out changes, you can do so very easily.

First, install the gitbook-cli dependency globally via npm:

npm install -g gitbook-cli

Then, install gitbook's dependencies:

gitbook install

Finally, serve the book via the built-in gitbook's webserver:

gitbook serve

This command will terminate with a message about the host and port where the server is running, usually at http://localhost:4040.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

About the author

Rui Marinho (github, twitter, npm) is a software engineer by day, a security engineer by night and a network engineer on weekends. This blend of interests has allowed him to plan and build large-scale infrastructure projects, having specialized in mission-critical and highly available systems with security as one of its top priorities. Read more.

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