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Implementation of a functional version of a Brodal queue in Scala
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Functional Brodal Queues

Implementation of a purely functional version of binomial queues and Brodal queues in Scala.

Brodal queues are priority queues with worst-case optimal time complexity - O(1) for findMin, insert and meld (merge) and O(log n) for deleteMin. The adaptation to a purely functional structure was made according to Brodal and Okasaki in Optimal Purely Functional Priority Queues (1996): by incrementally introducing tweaks to binomial queues, a simpler priority queue implementation. The functional versions implemented here maintain the asymptotic bounds of their imperative counterparts.

A presentation about binomial queues and this data structure can be found here.


Copyright (c) 2013 Rui Gonçalves. See LICENSE for details.

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