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File type validation for hapi raw temporary file multipart/form-data request payloads.

Like most modern magicians, builds on the work, knowledge and influence of others before it, in this case, fischbacher.

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Install via NPM.

$ npm install coutts


Register the package as a server plugin to enable validation for each route that does not parse — parse: false — into a temporary file, the request payload — output: 'file'. For every other route with a different configuration, the validation is skipped.

If the validation fails, a joi-like 400 Bad Request error is returned alongside an additional content-validation: failure response header. If everything is ok, the response will ultimately contain a content-validation: success header.

Also, if the Content-Type request header is not multipart/form-data, a 415 Unsupported Media Type error is returned, but in this case, without any additional response header.


const Hapi = require('hapi');
const Coutts = require('coutts');

try {
    const server = new Hapi.Server();

        options: {
            payload: {
                output: 'file',
                parse: false
            // go nuts

    await server.register({
        plugin: Coutts,
        options: {
            // Allow png files only
            whitelist: ['image/png']

    await server.start();
catch (err) {
    throw err;

Supported File Types

The same as file-type.