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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import tornado.httpserver
import tornado.ioloop
import tornado.web
import tornado.websocket
import tornado.database
import tornado.escape
import os
import re
import random
import json
import threading
import Queue
import tweepy
from tweepy.models import Status
campboard = {
'db': None,
'event_tag': 'campboardtest',
'ws_clients': [],
'ws_channels': {},
#'incoming': [],
#'incoming_ws_clients': Queue.Queue(),
'sessions': []
from tornado.options import define, options
define("port", default=8888, help="run on the given port", type=int)
define("mysql_host", default="", help="blog database host")
define("mysql_database", default="campboard", help="blog database name")
define("mysql_user", default="campboard", help="blog database user")
define("mysql_password", default="campycamp", help="blog database password")
# Initialise the database connection
campboard['db'] = tornado.database.Connection(
host=options.mysql_host, database=options.mysql_database,
user=options.mysql_user, password=options.mysql_password)
class Application(tornado.web.Application):
def __init__(self):
handlers = [
(r"/", MainHandler),
(r"/campsocket/", CampboardSocket),
(r"/session/(\w+)/?", SessionHandler),
(r"/poll/?", PollHandler),
(r"/admin/?", AdminHandler)
settings = {
'debug': True,
'template_path': os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "templates"),
'static_path': os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "static"),
#'xsrf_cookies': True,
'cookie_secret': "2kljq34@#41wedljasxC?+@#+DSWq 2#_!@#()FDM09q34kmndfo",
tornado.web.Application.__init__(self, handlers, **settings)
# Have one global connection to the blog DB across all handlers
self.db = campboard['db']
# Setup sessions from the database
campboard['sessions'] = [row['name'] for row in self.db.query('''SELECT name FROM sessions''')]
print campboard['sessions']
class BaseHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
def db(self):
return self.application.db
def current_user(self):
return self.get_secure_cookie("user")
class MainHandler(BaseHandler):
def get(self):
print "Main"
# Craft a broadcast object on first load to seed the page with relevant data
stats = Updater.general_update()
rt = Updater.recent_tweets()
if rt:
# Set cookie for last tweet id
self.set_cookie('last_tweet_id', unicode(rt[0]['id']))
stats.update({"recent_tweets": rt})
stats['recent_tweets'] = []
self.render("index.html", stats=stats)
class SessionHandler(BaseHandler):
def get(self, session):
print "Session %s" % session
# Get latest stats from Updater
session = session.strip()
stats = Updater.session_stats(session)
self.render('session.html', session=session, stats=stats)
class PollHandler(BaseHandler):
def get(self):
session_match ='/session/(?P<session>\w+)', self.request.headers['Referer'])
if session_match:
channel ='session')
channel_poll = Updater.session_stats(channel, 'stats')
last_tweet_id = self.get_cookie('last_tweet_id')
rt = Updater.recent_tweets(channel, last_tweet_id)
if rt:
# Set cookie for last tweet id
self.set_cookie('last_tweet_id', unicode(rt[0]['id']))
channel_poll.update({'recent_tweets': rt})
channel_poll['recent_tweets'] = []
general_poll = {}
general_poll.update(Updater.general_update()) # This line is ridiculous
last_tweet_id = self.get_cookie('last_tweet_id')
rt = Updater.recent_tweets(None, last_tweet_id)
if rt:
# Set cookie for last tweet id
self.set_cookie('last_tweet_id', unicode(rt[0]['id']))
general_poll.update({"recent_tweets": rt}) # Reverse the tweet list, since we add from the top in JS
general_poll['recent_tweets'] = []
def post(self):
print "POST: %s" % self.request.body
if "Register: " in self.request.body:
session_match ='/session/(?P<session>\w+)', self.request.body)
if session_match:
channel ='session')
broadcast = {}
#rt = Updater.recent_tweets()
#broadcast.update({"recent_tweets": rt})
class AdminHandler(BaseHandler):
def get(self):
user = self.get_secure_cookie('user')
if user and user == 'campmin':
stats = Updater.general_update()
self.render("admin.html", stats=stats)
def post(self):
if self.get_argument("adpass") == 'campilicious':
self.set_secure_cookie('user', 'campmin')
class CampboardSocket(tornado.websocket.WebSocketHandler):
def open(self):
def on_message(self, message):
print "Message: " + message
msg = json.loads(message)
# We should have a dict now
if msg['method'] == 'session_stats':
if msg['session'] != "":
stats = Updater.session_stats(msg['session'])
Updater.ws_broadcast_channel(msg['session'], stats)
if msg['method'] == 'session_add':
if msg['method'] == 'session_remove':
if msg['method'] == 'broadcast_message':
channel = msg.get('channel', None)
Updater.broadcast_message(msg['data'], channel)
except Exception as e:
print "Message parse failed: %s" % (unicode(e))
if "Register: " in message:
print message
session_match ='/session/(?P<session>\w+)', message)
channel = 'main' # Default to the main page channel
if session_match:
channel ='session')
print "Adding to channel: %s" % channel
if not campboard['ws_channels'].has_key(channel):
campboard['ws_channels'][channel] = []
if self not in campboard['ws_channels'][channel]:
if self not in campboard['ws_clients']:
print "Adding to client list"
gen_update = Updater.general_update()
if message == "Close":
if self in campboard['ws_clients']:
for channel in campboard['ws_channels']:
if self in campboard['ws_channels'][channel]:
class CampBoardStreamListener(tweepy.StreamListener):
def on_data(self, data):
print "Got data"
print data
def on_error(self, status_code):
print 'An error has occured! Status code = %s' % status_code
return True # keep stream alive
def on_timeout(self):
print 'Snoozing Zzzzzz'
class Updater(object):
incoming = [] # Buffer to hold incoming data bits
stream = None # To hold the Tweepy Stream
db = campboard['db']
def start_updating(self, username, password, follow=None, track=None, timeout=None):
print "Starting updating"
print "Args: Username: %s Password: %s" % (username, password) = tweepy.Stream(username, password, CampBoardStreamListener(), timeout), track, True)
def update(self,data):
print "Appending"
# Stuff data into database
rts = self.update_tweets()
general_broadcast = {}
general_broadcast.update(rts['general']) # recent_tweets array
self.ws_broadcast_channel('main', general_broadcast)
# Session update
for s in campboard['sessions']:
channel_broadcast = {}
channel_broadcast.update(self.session_stats(s, 'stats'))
if rts['channels'].has_key(s):
self.ws_broadcast_channel(s, channel_broadcast)
def update_tweets(self):
print "Updating tweets"
statuses = []
while True:
item = self.incoming.pop() # It's gonna throw up someday!
if "in_reply_to_status_id" in item:
statuses.append(Status.parse(, json.loads(item)))
# Ignore anything other than status updates for now
# statuses.append(json.loads(item))
except IndexError:
broadcast = {}
broadcast['general'] = {}
broadcast['channels'] = {}
for s in statuses:
tags = re.findall("#([\w]+)(?iu)", s.text) # Case-insensitive, Unicode matching
print "Tags: "
print tags
self.db.execute("INSERT INTO tweets (id, user_id, screen_name, profile_image_url, created_at, text) VALUES (%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s)",,, s.user.screen_name, s.user.profile_image_url, s.created_at, s.text)
# Establish HABTM relationships, tweets with tags
for t in tags:
t = t.lower() # Force all to lowercase
print "Inserting tag: %s" % t
self.db.execute('''INSERT INTO hashtags (tag) VALUES (%s) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=LAST_INSERT_ID(id), tag=%s;
INSERT INTO hashtags_tweets (hash_id, tweet_id) VALUES (LAST_INSERT_ID(), %s)''', t, t,
# Count the votes while we're at it
if t in campboard['sessions']:
# Attach the tweet to the broadcast channel
if not broadcast['channels'].has_key(t):
broadcast['channels'][t] = {}
broadcast['channels'][t]['recent_tweets'] = []
'text': s.text, 'created_at': unicode(s.created_at), 'id':,
'user': {
'screen_name': s.user.screen_name,
'profile_image_url': s.user.profile_image_url
vote_type = None
if'\+1', s.text):
#vote_type = "positive"
self.db.execute("INSERT INTO session_votes (`session`, positive) VALUES (%s, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE positive=positive+1", t)
elif'\-1', s.text):
#vote_type = "negative"
self.db.execute("INSERT INTO session_votes (`session`, negative) VALUES (%s, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE negative=negative+1", t)
broadcast['general']['recent_tweets'] = [
'text': s.text, 'created_at': unicode(s.created_at), 'id':,
'user': {
'screen_name': s.user.screen_name,
'profile_image_url': s.user.profile_image_url
for s in statuses
return broadcast
def general_update(self):
print "Stats update "
#statuses = [Status.parse(, json.loads(item)) for item in self.incoming if 'in_reply_to_status_id' in item]
#s = statuses[0]
broadcast = {} # Prepare our broadcast object
broadcast['sessions'] = []
for session in campboard['sessions']:
stats = self.session_stats(session, 'stats')
broadcast['sessions'].append([session, stats['votes'].get('cumulative', 0), stats.get('total_tweets', 0), stats.get('uniques', 0)])
# Sorts the sessions list according to votes
broadcast['sessions'] = sorted(broadcast['sessions'], key=lambda session: session[1], reverse=True)
broadcast['sessions_number'] = len(campboard['sessions'])
return broadcast
def tweet_stats(self, channel=None):
'''Retrieves stats on tweets either for a channel, or across entire event'''
stats = {}
# Query our db for the relevant info
if channel is not None:
res = self.db.query('''SELECT COUNT(*) AS total_tweets, COUNT(DISTINCT user_id) as uniques FROM tweets WHERE id IN (
SELECT tweet_id FROM hashtags_tweets WHERE hash_id IN
(SELECT id FROM hashtags WHERE tag=%s)
) ORDER BY created_at DESC''', channel)[0]
res = self.db.query("SELECT COUNT(user_id) as total_tweets, COUNT(DISTINCT user_id) AS uniques FROM tweets")[0]
stats['total_tweets'] = res.total_tweets
stats['uniques'] = res.uniques
return stats
def recent_tweets(self, channel=None, since=0, limit=10):
rt = []
if channel is None:
rt = self.db.query("SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * FROM tweets WHERE id > %s ORDER BY created_at DESC LIMIT %s", since, limit)
channel = channel.lower()
rt = self.db.query('''SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * FROM tweets WHERE id IN (
SELECT tweet_id FROM hashtags_tweets WHERE hash_id IN
(SELECT id FROM hashtags WHERE tag=%s)
) AND id > %s ORDER BY created_at DESC LIMIT %s''', channel, since, limit)
recent_tweets = [
'text': unicode(t.text), 'created_at': unicode(t.created_at), 'id':,
'user': {
'id': t.user_id,
'screen_name': t.screen_name,
'profile_image_url': t.profile_image_url
for t in rt
#return {"recent_tweets": recent_tweets}
return recent_tweets
def session_votes(self, session, vote='all'):
'''Returns Tweets for session matching criteria: 'positive' – '+1', 'negative' – '-1', or 'all'/'stats' for both'''
votes = {}
res = self.db.query("SELECT positive, negative FROM session_votes WHERE session = %s", session)
if res:
votes['positive'] = res[0].positive or 0
votes['negative'] = res[0].negative or 0
votes['cumulative'] = votes['positive'] - votes['negative']
votes['positive'] = votes['negative'] = votes['cumulative'] = 0
return votes
def session_stats(self, session, selector='all'):
session = session.strip()
broadcast = {}
broadcast['channel'] = session
if selector in ['positive', 'negative', 'stats', 'all']:
broadcast['votes'] = self.session_votes(session, selector)
if selector in ['tweets', 'all']:
broadcast['recent_tweets'] = self.recent_tweets(session)
if selector in ['tweetcount', 'stats', 'all']:
return broadcast
def session_add(self, sess):
print unicode(campboard['sessions'])
self.db.execute('''INSERT INTO sessions (name) VALUES (%s) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE name=%s''' , sess, sess)
self.ws_broadcast_channel('main', self.general_update())
def session_remove(self, sess):
print unicode(campboard['sessions'])
gen = self.general_update()
gen['sessions'] = []
gen['sessions'].append([sess, "DEL"]) # Set DEL to indicate removal
gen['sessions_number'] = len(campboard['sessions'])
self.db.execute('''DELETE FROM sessions WHERE name=%s''' , sess)
self.ws_broadcast_channel('main', gen)
def broadcast_message(self, message, channel=None):
'''Broadcasts a message to either all clients, or clients on a specific channel'''
print "Broadcast message"
if channel is None or channel == 'all':
self.ws_broadcast({"broadcast_message": message})
self.ws_broadcast_channel(channel, {"broadcast_message": message, "channel": channel})
def ws_broadcast_channel(self, channel, data):
if campboard['ws_channels'].has_key(channel):
for i in campboard['ws_channels'][channel]:
def ws_broadcast(self, data):
'''Broadcast data to all connected WebSocket clients'''
print "Broadcasting to %d clients" % (len(campboard['ws_clients']))
for i in campboard['ws_clients']:
pass # Fail silently
# Global application
campboard['application'] = Application()
if __name__ == "__main__":
threading.Thread(target=Updater.start_updating, name="update_thread", args=('partyblankone', 'partyon', ['108958644'], [campboard['event_tag']])).start()
print "Starting server"
http_server = tornado.httpserver.HTTPServer(campboard['application'])