Energy-Based Hindsight Experience Prioritization (CoRL 2018) Oral presentation (7%)
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Energy-Based Hindsight Experience Prioritization

Here is the code for our paper "Energy-Based Hindsight Experience Prioritization".

The paper is published in 2018 Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL 2018) as oral presentation (7%).

The paper is avaliable at Proceedings of Machine Learning Research:

The code was developed by Rui Zhao (Siemens AG & Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich).

For details on Energy-Based Hindsight Experience Prioritization (EBP), please read the published paper.

The code is developed based on OpenAI Baselines (link:


The code requires python3 (>=3.5) with the development headers. You'll also need system packages CMake, OpenMPI and zlib. Those can be installed as follows


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cmake libopenmpi-dev python3-dev zlib1g-dev

To run the code, you need to install OpenAI Gym (link:
We use the robotics environment in OpenAI Gym, which needs the MuJoCu physics engine (link:

The experiments were carried out on a 20-CPUs server.
We use 19 CPUs for training.
If you are running the experiments on a laptop, please configure a smaller number of CPUs.
Note that, with less CPUs, the performance will be effected.

After the installaton of dependicies, you can reproduce the experimental results by running the following commnands:

python baselines/her/experiment/ --env_name FetchPickAndPlace-v0 --prioritization none --n_epochs 50 --num_cpu 19 
python baselines/her/experiment/ --env_name FetchPickAndPlace-v0 --prioritization tderror --n_epochs 50 --num_cpu 19 
python baselines/her/experiment/ --env_name FetchPickAndPlace-v0 --prioritization energy --clip_energy 0.5 --n_epochs 50 --num_cpu 19 

For FetchPickAndPlace-v0, we use clip_energy parameter 0.5.
For the other three hand environments, we use clip_energy 2.5.

python baselines/her/experiment/ --env_name HandManipulateEggFull-v0 --prioritization none --n_epochs 200 --num_cpu 19 
python baselines/her/experiment/ --env_name HandManipulateEggFull-v0 --prioritization tderror --n_epochs 200 --num_cpu 19 
python baselines/her/experiment/ --env_name HandManipulateEggFull-v0 --prioritization energy --clip_energy 2.5 --n_epochs 200 --num_cpu 19 

To test the learned policies, you can run the command:

python baselines/her/experiment/ /path/to/an/experiment/policy_latest.pkl


Citation of the arXiv version:

  title={Energy-Based Hindsight Experience Prioritization},
  author={Zhao, Rui and Tresp, Volker},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.01363},