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a private pool for supercollider code
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This is my own private SuperCollider code pool.
It's just a private pool (mostly for means of synchronization between my machines),
so don't expect the best programming skills or masterworks.
It's also an open showcase for beginners that migh finde my noobish code useful.

It includes:

* my startup.rtf file (goes in the SC App Support dir.)
* (a shell script to update all my SC related stuff, copied from a scrip by cappelnord)
* synths I use frequently (and can be loaded from the menu bar if my startup is used)
* my SC tweets (SC code with less than 140 chars)
* classes I'm working on, some usable, some still in developement (or only ideas for the future)
* livecoding history (protocoled and unprotocoled sessions if I forget to start the History in the middle of a Jam)
* some projects, applications and tools I made in the past or I'm still working on
* lots of code snippets, tests and examples

All code made by me except where indicated.

Feel free to contact me, send me your comments, problems with my code and/or corrections.
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