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The LinearSplit module implements partitioning the sequence of items to the
subsequences in the order given. The next functions are provided:
gPartition - split the sequence of items items using greedy heuristic.
lPartition - split the sequence of items to minimize the maximum cost
over all the subsequences using linear partition algorithm
(see the 'The Algorithm Design Manual' by Steven S. Skiena..)
ltPartition - the approximation of the linear partition algorithm.
The large size of the work items space is decreased by
combining the consecutive items based on the threshold
See examples/Splitter.hs for the usage help.
For example, the next command will split the items in test1.txt on 5 ranges using
greedy heuristics and linear partition algorithm.
$ Splitter -f test1.txt -n -o -g -t500 -s5
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