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@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ Octopus is Zend Framework PHP web application for X10 Home Automation.
Basically application manages scenes which can have a camera video as a background and X10 devices as widgets so you can execute commands directly from widgets.
In the background there's a running engine based on RabbitMQ/Mochad which send/receives X10 "events" and handles them.
-![Octopus Scene]( "Example Scene with 3 Widgets")
+![Octopus Scene]( "Example Scene with 3 Widgets")
-![Octopus Dialog]( "Widget Dialog")
+![Octopus Dialog]( "Widget Dialog")
Octopus uses the following technologies:
@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ Octopus uses the following technologies:
* PHP Zend Framework
* JQuery / JQuery UI
-![Component Diagram]( "Component Diagram")
-![Database Model](/https://github.comrukavina/Octopus/blob/master/docs/images/demo/octopus-db.png "Database Model")
+![Component Diagram]( "Component Diagram")
+![Database Model](/https://github.comrukavina/Octopus/blob/master/docs/images/demo/octopus-db.png?raw=true "Database Model")
## Installation

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