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A simple pomodoro shell script
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A simple pomodoro shell script


How you see notifications


How to use

You can either copy the code to your ~/.bashrc file or simply run

source && pomo

There after



pomo [option][message]


-v version
-h help screen
-l long break
-s short break
-d duration in minutes
[message] custom message to be displayed after timeout, make sure the message is under quotes

Long breaks

Long breaks are 15 minute breaks started by giving -l command, you will be notified after 15 minutes

pomo -l

Short breaks

Short breaks are 5 minute breaks started by giving -s command, you will be notified after 5 minutes

pomo -s

Custom duration

Sets custom duration of timer in minutes by giving -d command

# 45 minute timer
pomo -d 45


Custom messages to be shown after breaks

pomo -l 'time is up'
pomo 'time is up'

Made it during my spare time. Forkit, improve it, star it, have fun. Inspired by this

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