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.. php:method:: public string|null getCurrentPageId ()

        Returns the id of the page that is currently rendered.

        :returns: string|null

.. php:method:: public array getChildrenIds (string|null pageId)

        Returns the page ids of the children for the given page id.

        :param string|null $pageId:

        :returns: array

.. php:method:: public bool pageExists (Render\APIs\APIv1\$pageId $pageId pageId)

        Returns TRUE if the page specified by $pageId exists; FALSE otherwise.

        :param Render\APIs\APIv1\$pageId $pageId $pageId:

        :returns: bool

.. php:method:: public Render\APIs\APIv1\Page Page getPage (Render\APIs\APIv1\$pageId $pageId pageId)

        Returns an \Render\APIs\APIv1\Page object

        :param Render\APIs\APIv1\$pageId $pageId $pageId:

        :returns: Render\APIs\APIv1\Page Page

.. php:method:: public array getNavigatorIds (Render\APIs\APIv1\$pageId $pageId pageId)

        Returns an array of all parent ids for the given page id.

        :param Render\APIs\APIv1\$pageId $pageId $pageId:

        :returns: array