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fritzbox-status plugin for collectd

collectd Exec-Script which helps you monitoring your AVM FRITZ!Box.

Please go to // for more information.

Short, English version:

aptitude install cpanminus
cpan install LWP::UserAgent Net::UPnP::ControlPoint URI XML::LibXML

Change the script to fit your environment.

Extended version of

It's also utilising UPnP to retrieve information. But additionally information from AVMs Webinterface is retrieved to give you more information. If you would like to use this script you may be experiencing some trouble with your DSL connection.

collectd will not recognise the data types being used. Please copy the fritzbox.db to etc/collectd and add TypesDB "/etc/collectd/fritzbox.db" to your collectd.conf-file.

Change the variables in The _BOXURL and _PASSWORD must match your environment.

After setting up the script you'll be able to see additional statistics within CGP or any other collectd Webinterface.

Screenshots can be found in my wiki.

Please note that I've used the script from an article to login and retrieve informationen from AVMs webinterface. Many thanks to colinardo for decrypting the shitty new login process.


Most important is the bandwith chart:


The DSL Status. Are you connected or not?


How long has the connection been established ins seconds?