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@jimmycuadra jimmycuadra released this Jul 12, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes:

ruma-signatures has been significantly revamped and contains many breaking changes.

  • The SignatureSet and Signaturestypes have been removed.
  • Verifier types have been removed from the public API. Verification is now handled by free functions that automatically determine the correct verification algorithm.
  • The url crate's Host type is no longer part of the API, and has been removed as a reexport.
  • sign_json now takes a signing entity ID as a parameter.
  • sign_json now mutates the JSON in-place instead of returning a signature.
  • verify_json now takes a map of public keys to use for verification.
  • to_canonical_json has been renamed canonical_json.

New features:

  • Event signing and verification is now implemented via the hash_and_sign_event and verify_event methods, respectively.
  • Content hashes of events can be generated with the new content_hash function.
  • Reference hashes of events can be generated with the new reference_hash function.
  • Events can be redacted with the new redact function.


  • Expanded documentation and examples.
  • Added many new test cases.
  • Removed dependencies on the lazy_static, serde, and url crates.
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