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This pipeline will cross-compile a mod for Windows, Mac and Linux.


You can find a download here. Also you can just clone the whole repository.


SDVCrosscompile doesn't need any configuration to work. But you can change settings like build parameters in


There are two ways to use SDVCrosscompile:

  1. Extract it into the same folder as the *.sln file
  2. Extract it somewhere else and let it run in your project directory

Running from command line

If you extracted SDVCrosscompile into the same folder as your solution, just open a command line and run python (Windows) or ./ (Linux/Mac).

Integrate into your IDE


  1. Open the project settings
  2. Go to Build -> Custom Commands
  3. Set the type of the custom command to "Custom Command"
  4. Name it as you wish
  5. Select (Linux/Mac) or xcompile.bat as command
  6. Set the working directory to the solution dir (${SolutionDir})
  7. You can find the command in the "Project" menu


Visual Studio

  1. Open Tools -> External Tools
  2. Add a new tool
  3. Set the title as you want
  4. Select xcompile.bat as command
  5. Set initial directory to the solution dir (${SolutionDir})
  6. If you don't want a separate CMD window, check "Use Output Window"


Command line parameters

You can customize the behavior of SDVCrosscompile with command line parameters:

Usage: ./xcompile[.bat|.sh|.py] [--no-silverplum] [--auto-silverplum] [--no-graphics] [--no-zip] [--keep-dependencies] [--output <output directory>] [--lib-<platform> <lib directory>] [--build-targetdir-<platform> <directory>] [--build-args-<platform> <arg1> <arg2> ...] [--sln <solution file 1> <solution file 2> ...]

Argument Explanation
--sln Defines the solutions to be built. If not --sln is present, SDVCrosscompile will build all *.sln files.
--no-graphics Asks for input with CLI instead of dialogs
--no-zip Disables automatic packing into archives.
--keep-dependencies Keeps the depencies from the lib-* folders in the output directories.
--output Sets the output directory. %solution% will be replaced with the solution name. Default is xbuild_result_%solution%
--lib-<platform> Sets the directory containing the Windows build dependencies. Default is lib-<platform>. <platform> must be windows, linux or mac.
--build-targetdir-<platform> Sets the directory containing the binaries. Relative to the project directory. Default is bin/Release.
--build-args-<platform> Sets the arguments for xbuild. Default is /p:DefineConstants=XCOMPILE /p:Configuration=Release.
--override-calling-platform Sets the current platform the script is running in. Must be windows, linux or mac. Case sensitive.


  • Mono
  • Python 3. If you are using Windows, choose to add it to PATH.


Your projects need to use the Stardew ModBuildConfig package to automatically resolve dependencies. You can find more information about this in the CanIMod Wiki.

Additional files

For SDVCrosscompile to work, you need to provide all dependency files for all systems in lib-windows, lib-linux and lib-mac folders. Just copy all the files. Linux and Mac are known to be compatible with each other, so just making a copy will suffice.

XNA libraries must be searched within the Windows directory. Use WINE on Linux or Mac.

If you download the binary distribution of this tool, the libraries will be included by default.

├── lib-linux
│   ├── Lidgren.Network.dll
│   ├── MonoGame.Framework.dll
│   ├── Newtonsoft.Json.dll
│   ├── StardewModdingAPI.exe
│   ├── StardewValley.exe
│   └── xTile.dll
├── lib-mac
│   ├── Lidgren.Network.dll
│   ├── MonoGame.Framework.dll
│   ├── Newtonsoft.Json.dll
│   ├── StardewModdingAPI.exe
│   ├── StardewValley.exe
│   └── xTile.dll
└── lib-windows
    ├── Lidgren.Network.dll
    ├── Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll
    ├── Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.dll
    ├── Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.dll
    ├── Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Net.dll
    ├── Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Video.dll
    ├── Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Xact.dll
    ├── StardewModdingAPI.exe
    ├── Stardew Valley.exe
    └── xTile.dll