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A Powershell module for working with HPE OneView Global Dashboard
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HPE OneView Global Dashboard Powershell module

Build status PS Gallery

This is a work in progress repo for creating a PS module for working with the HPE OneView Global Dashboard REST API. Keep track of changes in the changelog

The module is published to the Powershell Gallery. To install directly (note that you need to have Powershell get for this, please refer to the PS Gallery for more information):

Install-Module -Name GlobalDashboardPS -Repository PSGallery

For now the following functions are available:

  • Connect-OVGD
  • New-OVGDSessionKey
  • Disconnect-OVGD
  • Remove-OVGDSessionKey
  • Get-OVGDAppliance
  • Add-OVGDAppliance
  • Set-OVGDAppliance (note! the Refresh option does not work at this point)
  • Remove-OVGDAppliance
  • Get-OVGDCertificate
  • Get-OVGDConvergedSystem
  • Get-OVGDEnclosure
  • Get-OVGDGroup
  • New-OVGDGroup
  • Remove-OVGDGroup
  • Get-OVGDResourceAlerts
  • Get-OVGDGroupMember
  • Get-OVGDServerHardware
  • Get-OVGDServerProfile
  • Get-OVGDServerProfileTemplate
  • Get-OVGDStorageSystem
  • Get-OVGDTask
  • Get-OVGDManagedSAN
  • Get-OVGDSANManager
  • Get-OVGDStoragePool
  • Get-OVGDStorageVolume
  • BuildResource (private function)
  • Invoke-OVGDRequest (private function)
  • Set-InsecureSSL (private function)
  • Add-OVGDTypeName (private function)
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