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Added support for new manifest format used by turbo-sprockets-rails3, and possibly Rails #110

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Hi there,

I've recently developed a gem that speeds up the asset compilation task, called turbo-sprockets-rails3.
In order for it to do its magic, it needs to alter the manifest.yml format to include both :source_digests and :digest_files, instead of a flat digest files hash.

This pull request simply looks for the presence of the :digest_files key in manifest.yml, and falls back to the old format it it's not found, so it should be 100% backwards compatible.

Note that I'm also trying to get the patch merged into Rails 4.0.0, and possibly Rails 3.2.9 (see rails/sprockets-rails#21). Even if it's not merged into Rails for some reason, I would really appreciate it if you could support the users of the turbo-sprockets-rails3 gem.

Thanks for your time!

@ndbroadbent ndbroadbent referenced this pull request in ndbroadbent/turbo-sprockets-rails3

Compatibility with asset_sync gem #4


(you might want to add jruby-head to your list of 'Allowed Failures' on Travis)


:+1: Would love to see this pulled in. Lots of small JS files is slowing my deploys and cukes and this is the last piece to making the new turbo-sprockets system play nice with my dependencies.


Hey, so I've started pulling this in and testing it.

Started branch in rumblelabs/asset_sync#turbosprockets

Just had a first successful deployment of one app. Will run a few more tests and get this out this week :)


Hi there, I got some good advice from Jeremy Kemper, which was to keep the manifest.yml file the same, and add a new sources_manifest.yml file for source digests. I've done that now, so this pull request is no longer needed (manifest.yml is now unchanged.)

I've released this change in version 0.2.0. Sorry about the noise!


@ndbroadbent cool, no worries.

I've opened another issue then, #118 to discuss some documentation improvements regarding turbosprockets.

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Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 lib/asset_sync/storage.rb
6 lib/asset_sync/storage.rb
@@ -60,9 +60,11 @@ def always_upload_files
def get_local_files
if self.config.manifest
if File.exists?(self.config.manifest_path)
- yml = YAML.load(
+ yml = YAML.load_file(self.config.manifest_path)
log "Using: Manifest #{self.config.manifest_path}"
- return { |f| File.join(self.config.assets_prefix, f) }
+ # Support for new manifest format used by turbo-sprockets-rails3
+ files = yml[:digest_files] ? yml[:digest_files] : yml
+ return { |f| File.join(self.config.assets_prefix, f) }
log "Warning: manifest.yml not found at #{self.config.manifest_path}"
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