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Crypto Stamp

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Web-ready format and library for signing and verifying asynchronous cryptography signatures. It can be used for authorization and document verification in web pages and web services. It designed to be replay and length expansion attacks resistant.


Install with npm:

npm i crypto-stamp


Example of creation, signing and verification stamp with ed25519 custom stamp signer and verifier.

// Require CryptoStamp methods
const {createStamp, verifyStamp} = require('crypto-stamp');
// Require custom CryptoStamp encryption library for example ed25519
const {Signer, Verifier} = require('./crypto-stamp/ed25519');

// Signature generation item
const signer = new Signer({
    secret: Buffer.alloc(32), // Provide secret key

// Signature verification item
const verifier = new Verifier();

// Stamp data
const stampData = {
    type: 'auth',
    date: new Date('1970-01-01T00:00:00.000+00:00'),
    holders: [''],

// Generate stamp
const stamp = await createStamp(stampData, signer);

// Verify stamp
if (await verifyStamp(stamp, verifier)) {
    // Stamp is valid. Yaeee!

Stamp can be used like a WebToken with encodeToken and decodeToken methods.


Each stamp authorize action with type and custom params payload at a time as date to unlimited or several holders.

    // Stamp action type. Name or URI.
    type: 'auth',
    // Stamp data (optional)
    payload: {},
    // Date of creation
    date: '1970-01-01T00:00:00.000+00:00',
    // Stamp holders
    holders: ['', ''],
    // Stamp verification data
    stamp: {
        // Signature algorithm name or URI.
        alg: 'ed25519',
        // Signature of length prefixed SHA3-256 hash
        signature: '...signature...',
        // Public key is optional and algorithm dependent property
        publicKey: '...public key...',



(data:StampData, signer:StampSigner) -> Promise<Stamp,Error>

Method createsStamp converts StampData into deterministic length prefixed hash and sign with Signature interface instance.

const stamp = await verifyStamp(data, verifier)


(stamp:Stamp, verifier:StampVerifier) -> Promise<Boolean,Error>

Method verifyStamp converts StampData from stamp into deterministic length prefixed hash and verify it with StampVerifier interface instance.

const isValid = await verifyStamp(stamp, verifier)

StampData Type

    type: String,
    payload: Object,
    date: Date|Number,
    holders: String[],

Params for stamp creation.

StampSignature Type

    alg: String,
    signature: String|Object,
    signer: String?,

Stamp Type

    type: String,
    payload: Object,
    date: Date|Number,
    holders: String[],
    stamp: StampSignature

Stamp is StampData with StampSignature object.

StampSigner Interface

    sign(hash:Uint8Array|Buffer) -> Promise<Stamp,Error>

See example of ed25519 signer implementation in example/ed25519.js.

StampVerifier Interface

    verify(hash:Uint8Array|Buffer, StampSignature) -> Promise<Boolean,Error>

See example of ed25519 verifier implementation in example/ed25519.js.


(stamp:Stamp) -> String

Convert base64 encoded web token string.

encodeToken(stamp) // -> String


(token:String) -> Stamp

Convert base64 encoded WebToken to Stamp object.

decodeToken(token) // -> Stamp


(value:Object, schema?:Object|Array|(() -> Object|Array)) -> Uint8Array

Return SHA3 hash from deterministic JSON string from JS value. Use schema to select exact object properties with normjson.

NOTE V8 doesn't sort object properties in lexicographical order so two familiar objects with different properties order will produce different JSON strings and thus different hashes.

toHex(getHash({a: 1, b: 2})); // -> '7ed7e7ed5657f00683c745c9decb1b985bdd634f68f9f07c68e70b9593637da6'
toHex(getHash({b: 2, a: 1})); // -> '7ed7e7ed5657f00683c745c9decb1b985bdd634f68f9f07c68e70b9593637da6'


(array:Uint8Array) -> String

Receive Uint8Array and convert it to hex string.


Data params.

Param Type Description
type String Required. Stamp type. For example "auth" or "accept". Could be complete URI
payload Object Required. Stamp data. Could be any type. Differs for each action. Could be deleted when stamp created. By default it's an empty object
date String,Number Optional. Date string in ISO 8601 format or unix timestamp
holders String[] Optional. Holders is an array of signature receivers URIs

Stamp params

Param Type Description
alg String Signature algorithm
signature String Object
signer String Optional. Signature authentication value URI, name, etc
... * Multiple algorithm based params, for example publicKey.


Hash is a SHA3-256 digest from 32 Uint Big Endian prefix length of stamp data and data converted to deterministic JSON string.

  • type
  • payload
  • date
  • holders




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