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" See for more information about this file
" To use this file:
" Install
" which loads `_vimrc_local.vim` files, as well as adding the following lines
" to your `~/.vimrc`:
" " Use .vimrc_local.vim instead of _vimrc_local.vim
" let g:local_vimrc = '.vimrc_local.vim'
" Or, for those who don't wish to set `g:local_vimrc`, you can symlink it to
" `_vimrc_local.vim`:
" ln -s .vimrc_local.vim _vimrc_local.vim`
" Note: `_vimrc_local.vim` is ignored in our `.gitignore`, so there shouldn't
" be any issues with you using it
if bufname("%") =~? '\.jshintrc$'
setl filetype=javascript
if bufname("%") =~? '\.md$'
setl filetype=markdown
if bufname("%") =~? 'Procfile'
setl filetype=yaml
if &filetype == 'html'
setl filetype=htmldjango