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deprecated mirror of NetBSD userspace sources: use rumpkernel/src-netbsd instead
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DEPRECATED: use src-netbsd. This repository is scheduled for removal in 6/2015


Most likely you will not use the contents of this repository directly, but rather as a submodule for something interacting with rump kernels.

This repository contains a collection of NetBSD userspace sources that are useful for for use in conjunction with rump kernels. This usefulness falls under two general categories:

  • NetBSD libraries that allow off-the-shelf applications to run on top of rump kernels without requiring an underlying OS (e.g. libc, libm, libutil, libipsec)
  • NetBSD utilities that are used to configure a rump kernel or otherwise useful (e.g. ifconfig, newfs, ping, sysctl, ktrace)
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