OLD REPOSITORY, go to repo.rumpkernel.org/rumprun
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buildrump.sh @ b2e05fb build libunwind and config.mk via common script Mar 3, 2015
rumpsrc @ a2f6cbd update rumpsrc (for libc++) Feb 14, 2015
.gitmodules add buildrump.sh and rumpsrc (appstack-src) as submodules Dec 19, 2014
LICENSE initial support for rump kernels on bare metal Aug 6, 2014
README.md fix url Mar 13, 2015
build-rr.sh ln mit kraft! Mar 4, 2015
buildme.sh fix error message quoting Apr 13, 2015


The contents of the rumprun-baremetal repository have been MERGED into rumprun. This repository is no longer being updated!