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This is zerobuf 0.5 for rumprun, a zero-copy, zero-serialize, zero-hassle protocol buffers HBPVIS/ZeroBuf. Zerobuf requires Servus HBPVIS/Servus. The test platform is running Ubuntu 16.04 and the compilation options include -std=c++17.



Use the includedMakefile by typing make.


The schema compiler, zerobufCxx.py, is located in


To compile a schema file, called in this case aschema.fbs, type:

/path_to/rumprun-packages/zerobuf/ZeroBuf/bin/zerobufCxx.py -o=. aschema.fbs

Note that a source file and a header file are generated by the schema compiler, in this case: aschema.cpp and aschema.h.

Example1: (compiling the schema file number 1)

/root/git/rumprun-packages/zerobuf/ZeroBuf/bin/zerobufCxx.py -o=. schema1.fbs

In order to run an example application on rumprun, you have to provide the paths to the zerobuf include directory located in rumprun-packages/pkgs/include, and to the libServus and libZeroBuf libraries during compilation. Both are located in rumprun-packages/pkgs/lib:

$ x86_64-rumprun-netbsd-gcc <filename>  -I <path-to-zeromq-package>/include \
-L <path-to-zeromq-package>/lib -lpthread -lServus -lZeroBuf -o <filename-output>

Example (for testing schema1.fbs): Rumprun compile step:

<path-to-zeromq-package>/lib = /root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/lib
<path-to-zeromq-package>/include = /root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include

leads to (with the schema generated source file: schema1.cpp):

x86_64-rumprun-netbsd-g++ -std=c++17 schema1_test.cpp schema1.cpp \
/root/git/rumprun-packages/zerobuf/ZeroBuf/Servus/servus/serializable.cpp \
-I/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include/zerobuf \
-I/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include/servus \
-I/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include \
-L/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/lib \
-lpthread -lServus -lZeroBuf -o schema1-rr

Rumprun baking step:

rumprun-bake hw_generic schema1-rr.bin schema1-rr

Rumprun running step for qemu:

rumprun qemu -i schema1-rr.bin

Example 1 - schema1

A simple key-value record:

table KeyValue {
  intvalue:    int;
  doublevalue: double;

Example 2 - schema2

A record for 125 doubles:

table DoubleTable {
  doublearray: [double:125];

Use the following for compiling the example2 code:

x86_64-rumprun-netbsd-g++ -std=c++17 schema2_test.cpp schema2.cpp \
/root/git/rumprun-packages/zerobuf/ZeroBuf/Servus/servus/serializable.cpp \
-I/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include/zerobuf \
-I/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include/servus \
-I/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/include \
-L/root/git/rumprun-packages/pkgs/lib \
-lpthread -lServus -lZeroBuf -o schema2-rr

and for baking the example2:

rumprun-bake hw_generic schema2-rr.bin schema2-rr

Finally, the Rumprun running step for qemu:

rumprun qemu -i schema2-rr.bin