Howto: Using prebuilt Rumprun toolchains with Docker

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These are unofficial Docker images provided by me (Martin Lucina). They are a work in progress, and the image names, functionality or "interface" may change. Send feedback to the mailing list or directly to me at

Available Images


The images should work anywhere Docker does, i.e. on Linux, Mac or Windows.

To use one of the toolchains, all you need to do is:

$ docker run -ti mato/rumprun-toolchain-hw-x86_64

This will land you in a non-root shell with the toolchain built and installed in $PATH. The build user has full sudo rights in the container in case you wish to install other packages, which you will almost certainly want to do as the images only contain the minimum needed to clone and build the toolchain.

Technical details

The images are fully automated builds, using Dockerfiles from the mato/rumprun-docker-builds repository.

They are automatically rebuilt and pushed by Docker Hub when all of the following are true:

  1. Changes are committed to the rumpkernel/rumprun repository OR the mato/rumprun-docker-builds-repository OR the official debian:latest Docker image.
  2. The resulting toolchain builds and can successfully compile and bake a "Hello, World" program.
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