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Info: Consultants for hire

Ruben Rubio Rey edited this page May 4, 2016 · 2 revisions

Consultants for hire

This page lists consultants and developers for hire. Being listed does not require nor imply endorsement by the rump kernel project. If you wish to add your own entry, see details at the bottom of the page.

  • Antti Kantee (Fixup Software Ltd.)

    • Email:
    • Location: Munich, Germany
    • Availability: full-time consultant
    • Expertise: everything in the rump kernel and Rumprun unikernel core architecture, including knowledge of why things are like they currently are
    • Services: design and implementation, integration, performance optimization, training, troubleshooting, long-term roadmapping
    • Last update: 2/2016
  • Ruben Rubio Rey (R3Systems Pty Ltd)

    • Email:
    • Location: Sydney, Australia
    • Availability: full-time consultant
    • Expertise: implementation of Rumprun unikernel, including continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines
    • Services: design and implementation, integration, training, automation of development pipelines
    • Last update: 5/2016

Adding entries

If you wish to add your own entry, use the template below. If you are not involved in the open source community or otherwise known (not required), as a spam prevention mechanism we may send you an email to verify that you have the advertised rump kernel expertise.

  • Name (Company) (Name may be omitted if purely a company)
    • Email: address where to contact
    • Location: physical location(s)
    • Availability: your availability
    • Expertise: short summary of areas of expertise
    • Services: types of services offered (e.g. implementation, training, etc.)
    • Notes (optional): anything you want to add which doesn't fit the above fields
    • Last update: mon/year when you last touched the entry
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