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Info: Publications and Talks

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This page contains links to various publications and talks on the rump kernel ecosystem. Note that each entry represents the understandings of the respective author(s) at the time.

The page is divided into following subsections:

  • Articles. If the article was presented, link to video/slides may be included. All entries in this subsection must have a [paper] link.
  • Talks, with links to either the video or slides. Conference presentations without an accompanying paper go into this subsection.
  • Theses, academic theses featuring rump kernels in some capacity.
  • Blog posts.

When adding new entries, try to remain consistent with the existing entries in the relevant subsection. A date (Year or Month+Year) is required for all entries. Use reverse chronological sort within subsections.

Articles and publications

  • The rump kernel: A tool for driver development and a toolkit for applications [paper/video upcoming, slides]
    • Justin Cormack
    • AsiaBSDCon 2015
    • see title for summary ;-)
    • fun fact: slides are hosted on a Rumprun stack running on Xen
  • Rump Kernels: No OS? No Problem! [paper]
    • Antti Kantee, Justin Cormack
    • USENIX ;login:, October 2014
    • summary of rump kernels, especially from the perspective of Rumprun.
  • Rump Device Drivers: Shine On You Kernel Diamond [paper, video]
    • Antti Kantee
    • AsiaBSDCon 2010
    • describes device drivers and USB
  • Ultralight Kernel Virtualization with Runnable Userspace Meta Programs [paper, UNPUBLISHED]
    • Antti Kantee
    • October 2009 manuscript, submitted to EuroSys'10 (rejected). Earlier double-blind revision submitted to SOSP'09 (rejected). Partially rewritten version submitted to OSDI'10 (rejected). Parts were used in
    • Most of the core ideas of rump kernels had been figured out. Terminology was still wavering. Also, it was not completely clear at this point what are the good choices for making existing applications use rump kernels.
  • Fs-utils: File Systems Access Tools for Userland [paper]
    • Arnaud Ysmal, Antti Kantee
    • EuroBSDCon 2009
    • fs-utils, an mtools-like utility kit which uses rump kernel file systems as a backend
  • Rump File Systems: Kernel Code Reborn [paper, slides]
    • Antti Kantee
    • 2009 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
    • kernel file system code and its uses in userspace
  • Kernel Development in Userspace - The Rump Approach [paper, slides]
    • Antti Kantee
    • BSDCan 2009
    • kernel development with rump kernels
  • Environmental Independence: BSD Kernel TCP/IP in Userspace [paper, video]
    • Antti Kantee
    • AsiaBSDCon 2009
    • networking with rump kernels
  • Systems for the Real World [paper, UNPUBLISHED]
    • Antti Kantee
    • December 2007 short position paper / research statement
    • Another one for the "historical interest" bin, not all concepts and terms have crispened up yet. The thing to note is the attitude towards architecture. Some of the currently popular use cases for rump kernels, such as the Rumprun unikernel, were not goals back then, but later were trivial to realize due to the attention to architecture.
  • Kernel File Systems as Userspace Programs [paper, UNPUBLISHED]
    • Antti Kantee
    • September 2007 manuscript, submitted to EuroSys'08 (rejected). Later revisions submitted to USENIX ATC'08, FAST'09 and EuroSys'09 (rejected). Accepted to USENIX ATC'09.
    • Mostly for historical curiosity, linked version was written three months after work on rump kernels started. Compare to the USENIX one linked above to see how things developed.


  • The Rumprun Unikernel [slides]
    • Sebastian Wicki
    • pkgsrcCon 2016
    • Introduction to the Rumprun unikernel
  • Running go on RumpRun or famous computer scientists you should know [slides]
    • Ian Eyberg
    • SCALE 14X
  • TCP/IP Offload to Minion Cores using Rump Kernels [video, slides]
    • Sebastian Wicki
    • ORConf 2015
    • general introduction to rump kernels and their use in a Summer of Code project
  • Deploying Real-World Software Today as Unikernels on Xen with Rumprun [video, slides]
    • Martin Lucina
    • Xen Project Developer Summit, 2015
    • demonstrates deploying a full RAMP stack (Nginx, MySQL, PHP) with Rumprun on Xen
  • Development of vxlan(4) using rump kernel [video upcoming, slides]
    • Kazuya GODA
    • AsiaBSDCon 2015 NetBSD BoF
    • step-by-step howto of developing the vxlan driver for NetBSD
  • Rumprun for Rump Kernels: Instant Unikernels for POSIX applications [slides]
    • Martin Lucina
    • New Directions in Operating Systems, 2014
    • demonstrates the rumprun tool for deploying Rump Kernels as Unikernels on Xen
  • Rump kernels and {why,how} we got here [video, slides]
    • Antti Kantee
    • overview and history
    • New Directions in Operating Systems, 2014
  • Running Applications on the NetBSD Rump Kernel [video, slides]
    • Justin Cormack
    • new developments and running applications
    • EuroBSDCon 2014
  • Rump Kernels, Just Components [video, slides]
    • Antti Kantee
    • rump kernels as reusable and platform-agnostic drivers; targets a developer audience
    • FOSDEM 2014 Microkernel devroom
  • The Anykernel and Rump Kernels [video, slides, interview]
    • Antti Kantee
    • FOSDEM 2013 Operating Systems track
    • general overview, demonstrates rump kernels running on Windows and in Firefox
  • Ultralightweight Kernel Service Virtualization with Rump Kernels [slides]
    • Antti Kantee
    • FOSDEM 2012 Virtualization and Cloud Devroom
    • motivation, general overview, use cases


  • User space approach to audio device driving on UNIX-like systems [pdf]
    • Robert Millan
    • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2015
  • A Split TCP/IP Stack Implementation for GNU/Linux [pdf]
    • Martin Unzner
    • TU Dresden, 2014
  • The Design and Implementation of the Anykernel and Rump Kernels [pdf]
    • Antti Kantee
    • Aalto University, 2012.

Blog posts

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