Info: Available rump kernel components

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This page is a snapshot of the output of make rumpdescribe run in src/sys/rump. It will be occasionally updated. You can generate an up-to-date list by using rumpmake from to run the above command.

rump                     Rump kernel base
rumpdev                  Rump kernel device faction
rumpnet                  Rump kernel networking faction
rumpvfs                  Rump kernel file system faction
rumpdev_audio            Audio support (incl. /dev/audio and /dev/mixer)
rumpdev_bpf              Berkeley Packet Filter
rumpdev_cgd              Cryptographic disk driver (block device crypto layer)
rumpdev_disk             Disk-like device support (used e.g. by file systems)
rumpdev_dm               Device-mapper driver (for LVM)
rumpdev_drvctl           /dev/drvctl driver
rumpdev_fss              File system snapshot device
rumpdev_md               Memory disk device driver
rumpdev_netsmb           SMB protocol communicator (required by SMB/CIFS)
rumpdev_pad              Pseudo Audio Device
rumpdev_pud              Userspace character and block driver framework
rumpdev_putter           User/kernel protocol transporter (for puffs and pud)
rumpdev_raidframe        RAIDframe (software RAID)
rumpdev_rnd              /dev/{,u}random
rumpdev_scsipi           SCSI & ATAPI mid-layer
rumpdev_sysmon           System monitoring and power management
rumpdev_vnd              Present a regular file as a block device (/dev/vnd)
rumpdev_wscons           Workstation console support
rumpdev_opencrypto       OpenCrypto, incl. /dev/crypto
rumpdev_ubt              USB BlueTooth driver
rumpdev_ucom             USB serial driver
rumpdev_ugenhc           USB host controller using /dev/ugen
rumpdev_ulpt             USB printer driver
rumpdev_umass            USB mass storage driver
rumpdev_usb              USB support
rumpdev_pci              PCI bus support
rumpdev_pci_if_iwn       Intel wireless device driver
rumpdev_pci_if_pcn       PCnet Ethernet device driver
rumpdev_pci_if_wm        Intel GigE device driver
rumpdev_pci_usbhc        PCI USB host controller drivers
rumpdev_pci_virtio       VirtIO bus support
rumpdev_virtio_if_vioif  VirtIO network interface driver
rumpdev_virtio_ld        VirtIO block device driver
rumpdev_virtio_viornd    VirtIO entropy driver
rumpdev_virtio_vioscsi   VirtIO SCSI driver
rumpdev_audio_ac97       AC97 audio driver
rumpdev_pci_auich        AC97 Intel Audio driver
rumpdev_pci_eap          Ensoniq AudioPCI driver
rumpdev_pci_hdaudio      HDaudio PCI attachment
rumpdev_hdaudio_hdafg    High Definition Audio (hdaudio) driver
rumpdev_miiphy           MII and PHY drivers (for networking)
rumpfs_cd9660            ISO9660
rumpfs_efs               SGI EFS
rumpfs_ext2fs            Linux Ext2
rumpfs_fdesc             /dev/fd pseudo file system
rumpfs_ffs               Berkeley Fast File System
rumpfs_hfs               Apple HFS+
rumpfs_kernfs            /kern fictional file system
rumpfs_lfs               Log-structured File System
rumpfs_mfs               Memory File System (in-memory FFS)
rumpfs_msdos             FAT
rumpfs_nfs               NFS client
rumpfs_nilfs             NILFS
rumpfs_ntfs              NTFS
rumpfs_null              Loopback file system
rumpfs_ptyfs             /dev/pts pseudo file system
rumpfs_smbfs             SMB/CIFS
rumpfs_syspuffs          puffs in-kernel driver
rumpfs_sysvbfs           System V boot file system
rumpfs_tmpfs             tmpfs (efficient in-memory file system)
rumpfs_udf               UDF
rumpfs_umap              uid/gid mapping layer
rumpfs_union             union file system (fan-out layer)
rumpfs_v7fs              Unix 7th edition file system
rumpfs_zfs               ZFS
rumpfs_nfsserver         NFS server
rumpvfs_fifofs           File system FIFO support
rumpvfs_layerfs          Layer file system support (used by other drivers)
rumpvfs_aio              POSIX asynchronous I/O system calls
rumpkern_crypto          Cryptographic routines
rumpkern_sysproxy        Remote system call support (rump kernel as a server)
rumpkern_tty             TTY/PTY support
rumpkern_z               Data compression
rumpkern_sys_cygwin      Cygwin system call translation
rumpkern_sys_linux       Linux system call translation
rumpkern_sys_sunos       SunOS/Solarisa system call translation
rumpkern_sljit           Stackless JIT compiler
rumpkern_solaris         Solaris compatibility layer (for ZFS)
rumpnet_agr              Link aggregation pseudo interface (L2 trunking)
rumpnet_bridge           Bridging for IEEE 802
rumpnet_net              Network interface and routing support
rumpnet_net80211         IEEE 802.11 (wireless LAN) support
rumpnet_netbt            BlueTooth (PF_BLUETOOTH)
rumpnet_netinet          IPv4 incl. TCP and UDP (PF_INET)
rumpnet_netinet6         IPv6 incl. TCP and UDP (PF_INET6)
rumpnet_gif              generic tunnel interface
rumpnet_netmpls          Multiprotocol Label Switching (PF_MPLS)
rumpnet_npf              NPF packet filter
rumpnet_local            Local domain sockets (PF_LOCAL/PF_UNIX)
rumpnet_shmif            Shared memory bus network interface
rumpnet_tap              /dev/tap virtual Ethernet interface
rumpnet_bpfjit           JIT compiler for Berkeley Packet Filter
rumpnet_virtif           Network interface which uses hypercalls for I/O
rumpnet_sockin           PF_INET/PF_INET6 via hypercalls
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