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Rump kernel community user resources:

Mailing list: You can subscribe here or browse the archives (for archives before 3/2015, see here). You can discuss any subject related to rump kernels. Please do not "top-post" on the mailing list; instead, trim the quoted text down to the relevant part and insert your text under the text you are replying to.

IRC: #rumpkernel on

If new to IRC and unsure how to join the conversation, please visit for a browser-based IRC client. Please ask your questions directly and let us know what you are trying to do, no need to ask for permission to ask a question here!

Twitter: @rumpkernel

For contributors:

Mailing list (for commit messages and CI build results): You can subscribe here.

IRC: #rumpkernel-builds on, commit messages and CI build results.

Developer meta-documentation: