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I work on many things. The following is a sort of wishfully-thought short-term TODO list. When an item is edited, it rises to the top, so you can see the approximate stall-factor of items depending on how far down the list they are.

  • fix build to support object directories and destdir [Rumprun, rumpctrl]
    • Rumprun now allows destdir for all platforms and 100% objdir builds for hw
    • no immediate plans for rumpctrl
  • fix _exit() to deal with threads [Rumprun]
  • unify the kernel and application memory pools [Rumprun] (progressing)
    • step 1: introducing the "caller id" to allocators. done
    • step 2: unifying the page allocator between platforms. done
    • step 3: splitting the page allocator into zones. not done
    • step 4: introducing a rump kernel call to deal with external memory backpressure. not done
    • step 5: defining appropriate limits and introducing necessary heuristics. not done
  • support fork(), low'ish priority without an immediate use case [Rumprun]
  • ARM support [Rumprun] (progressing)
    • step 1: basic support (booting, threading, etc.). done
    • step 2: support for ARM board I/O in Rumprun. done
    • step 3: appropriate I/O device components in upstream sources. not done
    • step 4: adjust Rumprun for platform/board model instead of just platform. not done
  • re-abstract sysproxy transport to allow for non-socket implementations [rump kernels]
  • fix all bugs [everywhere] (might take a while)
  • create rump kernel mass storage drivers for ATA/IDE devices [Rumprun issue #24]