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My List

These are some of the items which I've worked upon (in case they say done) or things I'd like to work on. The workflow starts as follows:

  1. Wow! How cool it could have been if ----
  2. How I am going to get it to fit?
  3. Anything working yet?
  4. Awesome! That does look cool but some of the stuff remain.

Erlang Microkernel

Erlang is a beautifuly programming language (once you get to know it better). It is (unlike some other programming languages) hard to get at first, but once you get started it is difficult to go back to whatever you were using for cases where It excels.

The idea of an Erlang Microkernel stems from my wishful thinking of a clean design while looking at the microservices architecture. While there exists number of unikernels Rumprun unikernel shins the brightest in many ways. Hence my obvious choice.

  • (DONE) Erlang runs on top of Rumprun unikernel, though largely unmodifed.
  • (DONE) Support Erlang NIFs, which involves loading dynamically loadable objects written in C programming language.
  • (DONE) Can Erlang work with libressl? Yes
  • A packaging strategy which uses rumprun-packages as base for building Erlang microkernel and supporting images to run Erlang applications.
  • Phase I optimization of Erlang deployable image, so that the unnecessary stuff is not built.
  • Phase II optimization of Erlang deployable image, so that the obvious unnecessary stuff is not bundled in the erlang.iso.
  • A single deployable image which has Rumprun unikernel and Erlang along with whatever it needs to run (that is config, application bytecodes and NIFs).

General rumprun-packages

  • (DONE) Add openssl to rumprun-packages, which would act as an alternative to libressl.
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