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This wiki page describes pci-userspace.

The repository contains support for running NetBSD kernel PCI device drivers in rump kernels in userspace. Support is generic, so more or less any device driver could work, though currently the build infra offers only a handful of drivers.

Supported platforms

  • Linux (via uio_pci_generic). Devices with only MSI/MSI-X interrupts are not supported (limitation of uio_pci_generic).


The build procedure is standard in that it's done using rumpmake.

As of writing this, you need a build which uses NetBSD HEAD sources (HEAD as of when you're reading this text ;-). We will not cover that here, it's documented in the wiki.

To build the drivers, run rumpmake from in the repo's src-linux-uio subdirectory:

src-linux-uio$ rumpmake dependall
[build output omitted]
src-linux-uio$ rumpmake install

Then, if you want, you can build the examples in the examples directory:

examples$ rumpmake dependall


There are two parts to running.

First, your host must be configured correctly for the rump kernel to be able to access the desired PCI device. That part is documented here.

Second, you must configure the rump kernel to do whatever you want to do with the device. That is a very open-ended task, but for example configuring a 802.11 adapter to access a WPA-protected network is documented here.

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